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Is it time to bid farewell to the 9 to 5?

The demand for a flexible approach to working life is on the increase.  With the days of the 9-5 being viewed as the only work day option, drawing to a close.  Swathes of professionals, whose careers have been carved out through hard work, dedication and long days at the office remain as committed to their careers today as ever.  Yet find themselves drawn to the wake-up call of a better way of working; one that allows for more time to balance family life, home life and personal passions alongside their career. By taking a more holistic approach to work that truly works, with the multiple facets of our increasingly hectic lives, companies can reap the benefits available.  

The flexibility of working hours offers a great deal of opportunity to employees, but also employers.  Where hiring flexibly and introducing changes that could include everything from home-based working to flexible start & finish times, job sharing options to part-time work and compressed hours, could open up a talent pool that is highly skilled yet seeking something outside of what for too long has been considered the norm.

Ten2Two are one of several specialist recruitment agencies launched to meet the increasing demand of highly skilled professionals, wishing to work with companies committed to attracting the best talent by offering flexible working opportunities.  Yet despite many leading professional services firms taking a forward-thinking approach to flexibility, there are still too many companies who are yet to get on board with the tremendous benefits of thinking outside of the 9-5 box. By getting flexible working right, your company could benefit from savings on overheads thanks to employees working from home, a reduction in sickness absence, improved employee engagement and productivity, greater morale and an enhancement to your overall company culture.  Possibly and most critically of all by embracing flexibility you’re saying yes to a fresh pool of talent and are on track for significantly improved employee retention.

There has never been a better time to make the move to a flexible working approach.  Changes in legislation, with the flexible working law passed in the UK in 2014, society demands and technology advancements that enable work from anywhere at any time are normalising the many different forms that work can now take.  And this coupled with research carried out by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), finding that the majority of UK employees surveyed would appreciate being offered flexible working, means that now is truly the time to make the shift.

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