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Winning people strategies to help you achieve your people goals

OUR Story



Winning people strategies to help you reach your talent goals

Inspired was just an idea in the Summer of 2018. Back then I was HR Business Partner for a Fin-Tech start-up and loved the challenge of leading the people agenda for a rapid growth business, in partnership of a high octane leadership team.

Yet the passion to serve a wider community, with a vision of making working life better, was a path I was excited forge. The vision for Inspired, was to build a consultancy that could bridge the gap between finding great talent and devising strategies to help retain the talent found; working with companies to help them become ‘truly’ great places to work.

Launching in late 2018, Inspired services deliver talent strategy, project management and expertise in people; how to find them, engage them and retain them. All whilst being budget conscious, without foregoing quality in project delivery.

Adding career coaching to the Inspired offering, was thanks to reflecting on a personally challenging ‘return to work’ post becoming a Mum, experience. I quickly realised by speaking with other women and Mums that too many talented professionals, weren’t receiving the support they deserved from their employers, during pregnancy, whilst on maternity or when they returned to work.

Through our coaching services we coach women directly, during transition phases of life & career. In addition to providing hands on coaching support, development and partnering to businesses, committed to supporting their people during periods of change.

Our winning strategies optimise talent retention, by supporting companies to put people at the heart of their business. Finding great people is only ever part of the story, ensuring they stay, grow & thrive, is where the real value add comes in.

We look forward to becoming your go to people partner.

Jade Graham

Founder & Chief Talent Officer