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Inspired Talent consulting searches for the stand out talent you need

Inspired Talent consulting searches for the stand out talent you need

Talent Consulting

We’re People specialists and Talent strategists - Our expertise is underpinned by credentials in strategic change & HR project management.

Our services provide People & Talent consultancy for start-up’s, scale-up’s and SME’s with progressive plans to uplift, grow & propel their organisation forward, thanks to the power of harnessing Inspired Talent.


Headhunting & recruiting great people to join your company are the key ingredients to having happy customers, repeat business & sustained growth.

As HR project managers & people specialists, your search campaign will be transparent in time-scales, budget & success delivery. We’re here to uplift your employer brand, streamline your attraction process, embed solid people processes & save you money on recruiting for the long term.

Our approach to headhunting is through collaboration & partnership - partnering you to understand your companies people goals and partnering the talent you need to take your vision forward.


Whether you’re a start-up or established brand looking to make the leap from policies of the past, to embrace changes that will make your company a truly great place to work.

Inspired Talent can partner you to embed change; from the integration of more agile ways of working, to job design, work force planning and organisational design.

Our partnering services integrate flexible working seamlessly into your current operating model, uplifting employee engagement and talent retention at all levels of your organisation.


career coaching

Inspired coaching services provides HR business partnering, coaching support to companies who lack an in-house coach, mentor or talent specialist. We understand the demand on resource in start-up’s, scale-up’s and SME’s, where things move fast and commercial success is a priority. By partnering Inspired, you receive coaching expertise for your C-suite, people managers, department heads and teams, virtually or in-house. Our coaching programmes are tailored to your unique business needs, succession planning goals, career development and return to work programme activities. Enabling you to focus on your business, whilst we develop your people with bespoke, expert coaching support.

Career & Talent development Coaching

All too many of us embark on a career that we think is right for us, only to discover we’re miles away what truly lights us up and makes our heart sing.

Career misdirection coupled with life’s changes, can offer an amazing opportunity for growth, but can also be pretty daunting.

Inspired Talent works with you to identify your passions, your unique skills, strengths and crucially your goals. We use personality profiling to identify your strengths which can be leveraged, whilst working with you to uncover the gems you already have within you.

In turn we design a bespoke 6 week plan, to take your career from stale to extraordinary and coach your transition each step of the way.

We’re certified strengths coaches, using a blend of NLP.

Returner Coaching

You may have stepped away from your career for a short time to start a family or for longer. Returning following a gap, no mater how long, can be daunting. But the pressure can be lightened by teaming up with a great coach, your confidence & strength partner, every step of the way.

Inspired coaching works with you to bring your confidence to the fore, helping you tap into the skills, talents and unique abilities that are valuable to you and any potential employer.

If you’re thinking of launching your own business, Inspired coaching will support you on your journey, aiding your mindset, rituals and goal setting practices.

We will be your ongoing coach & guide on the lead up and post your return to the world of work, in a way to suit you, your lifestyle, family and personal goals.